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Newsletter July 2017

Hi, So, the school summer holidays are upon us and if you have children you may be worried about just how you’re going to keep all those plates spinning by running your business and entertaining your children at the same time! And even if you aren’t a parent yourself you may find that your business… Read more »

Newsletter June 2017

I thought you might like to know a few results from a survey I carried out last month. The response showed that over 55% of people don’t record their client details electronically (over 40% are kept in paper files) and 5% don’t record them at all! Putting your information onto a system can give you… Read more »

Post-it notes: Don’t get me started!

Last Monday was ‘Clean up your desk’ day and it got me thinking (well it got me ranting actually!). Post-it notes. Maybe it’s like Marmite but personally I think they’re terrible things. For a start they don’t work because they don’t stick, they just don’t! They lose their stickiness, fall off whatever you put them… Read more »

3 Top Tips for Surviving the Christmas Holidays

Working during any holiday period is tough but continuing to run your business during the Christmas season can feel nigh on impossible! Here are my 3 top tips for getting things done while still enjoying yourself: Prioritise your to-do list. Focus on the 3 most valuable activities for your business. Concentrate on doing those things well rather than trying to… Read more »