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Happy Birthday GDPR!


Yep, it’s been a whole year! Yesterday was GDPR’s first birthday. For most of us this has meant an increased number of buttons to press when we land on a new website (‘this site uses cookies…’; ‘here’s our privacy policy…’ etc) and possibly a feeling that it was all a bit too much fuss over… Read more »

Is it safe to come out yet?


So the deluge of emails begging you not to leave have finally stopped and the 25th of May came and went without the inspectors banging down your door but is it really over? Has GDPR finally gone away? The fact is that whether you got to grips with the new regulations or buried your head… Read more »

GDPR and the dreaded Privacy Policy!

Privacy Policy

One of the main reasons I’ve heard for people failing to tackle GDPR is the thought of writing their own privacy policy. Because, let’s face it, the word ‘policy’ itself can conjure up some pretty terrifying thoughts: ‘what if it’s not written correctly?’, ‘does it have to sound ‘legal’ and wordy?’, ‘surely policies are only… Read more »

GDPR & Consent – Making it simple


Reading that you need a ‘legal basis for data collection’ is enough to put anyone off getting their business ready for GDPR at the end of May! But it really isn’t that scary (honest!!). In all there are 6 basis for collecting and using data specified in the new policy but for most small businesses… Read more »

GDPR – Are you burying your head in the sand?


As I sit here preparing for a workshop I’m giving on GDPR next week I wonder how many people are hiding their heads in the sand and avoiding even looking at it. With phrases such as ‘legal basis for data collection’ and ‘fines of up to €20,000,000’ it’s easy to see why small businesses like… Read more »