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Delegation: Letting Go!

Sometimes people can see the benefits of delegation quite clearly but have no idea where to start or, more simply, are afraid to. Because, let’s face it, delegating can be scary. It means letting someone into your business; this thing that you’ve grown and put your heart and soul into. It means potentially letting someone… Read more »

Getting it out of your head!


I don’t know about you but on some days, especially at the moment when days seem to merge into one, I find it difficult to remember what I did that morning let alone what happened a couple of weeks ago! While I don’t have to remember too many appointments or meetings for me or my… Read more »

Why it’s never ‘just admin’

Admin: the boring stuff; the thing continually on the bottom of your to-do list; the thing you’ll do later or ‘when you have time’ or after you’ve focused on your sales calls/marketing/clients/networking or anything else that you believe can grow your business. The implication being that your administration is not an important part of your… Read more »

26 Tips for Getting Organised

1. Have a separate email address for all those websites and stores that like to send you marketing. 2. Change your settings so that you save to a specific file when you download something. 3. Do a little of your finances weekly 4. Schedule your social media posts 5. Plan your week on a Friday… Read more »

What are business processes and why you should have them

business process

Operation Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Modus Operandi; call them what you will, having a set of processes in your business is vital to its growth and success . And I’m not just talking about large multi-national companies either. The same applies to small businesses and sole-traders. So what are they and why should we have… Read more »

Getting 2020 off to a great start!


Not long now and the new year will be upon us. New year, new start, new resolutions. One of the most most frequent resolutions I hear is, ‘I must get organised’ but somehow (like most resolutions) it never seems to get done. Getting yourself organised has so many benefits; from helping you feel in control… Read more »

Are you running out of time?

Not long now and it’ll be here! And, no, I’m not talking about Christmas! I’m talking about that nagging feeling at the back of your head about your finances (and not just about how much you’re making!) Summer may be well and truly over and Christmas on its way but it’s what happens after December… Read more »

Is your memory costing you time and money?


We can’t hold everything in our heads. Even if we try. Our brains only remember a certain amount and unfortunately it doesn’t distinguish between important information and trivia either (which is probably why we can remember all of the lyrics to a song we haven’t heard for ages but can’t remember what we did with… Read more »

Why two heads are better than one.

Why is it that most people can see solutions to our problems when we feel overwhelmed most of the time? How many times has someone made a suggestion or told you how to do something and you’ve thought ‘oh that’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that? ‘ The answer is fairly simple really.… Read more »