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Newsletter November 2017

Hi, I hope you’ve had a busy and successful month! 2018 is not that far away and just like going to the gym, getting organised is usually fairly high on people’s resolution list! However, like most resolutions they don’t last long, so I thought I’d share with you a few tips on how to get… Read more »

Newsletter October 2017

Hi, I hope you’ve had a busy and successful month (actually it’s been a couple – where did the summer go?!)! This month I thought I’d let you in on some quick and simple ways to take the stress out of organising your files. I know it can be soul destroying to have spent an… Read more »

Newsletter July 2017

Hi, So, the school summer holidays are upon us and if you have children you may be worried about just how you’re going to keep all those plates spinning by running your business and entertaining your children at the same time! And even if you aren’t a parent yourself you may find that your business… Read more »

Newsletter June 2017

I thought you might like to know a few results from a survey I carried out last month. The response showed that over 55% of people don’t record their client details electronically (over 40% are kept in paper files) and 5% don’t record them at all! Putting your information onto a system can give you… Read more »