Is it safe to come out yet?


So the deluge of emails begging you not to leave have finally stopped and the 25th of May came and went without the inspectors banging down your door but is it really over? Has GDPR finally gone away?

The fact is that whether you got to grips with the new regulations or buried your head in the sand, GDPR isn’t just about having a policy on your website by the 25th of May or choosing the double opt-in on Mailchimp.

It’s about making sure you treat other people’s details with the same level of care and security that you would wish your’s to be treated with. It’s about not using people’s details to send email marketing just because you can. And it’s about having a system in place that shows you are being responsible with other’s information and can tell people what that process is clearly and easily.

And that’s an ongoing commitment not a selection of tick boxes to be done by a certain date!

So, is it safe to come out? Well, only you can say. While the deadline for compliance has passed it certainly doesn’t mean GDPR is or should go away. At the end of the day it’s best practise to have clear systems and a responsible attitude to other people’s information. So if you met the new regulations head on then just keep going and if you are a head-buryer then now’s a good time to start!

Now, before I sign off on GDPR (for a while at least!) I thought I’d share with you a few general things I’ve noticed recently that may be of help:

  • People telling me that they don’t need a privacy policy because they don’t have a website.  Your policy needs to cover how and why you use, store and process all of the personal details that your company collects from all avenues not just online.
  • Revised privacy policies being sent out in lieu of opt-ins (I’ve seen this a lot!). If the individual is not a client and you have consent for your legal basis then you need to get positive opt-in to send information to them (not just a resending of a privacy policy or a ‘if we don’t hear from you we’ll assume it’s okay to keep sending it’ email!)
  • And on a personal level I’ve missed quite a few re opt-in emails because my gmail account sends Mailchimp emails to the Promotions tab. So while you may be sick of the sight of those emails right now it may be worth checking that there’s nothing in there that you wanted to keep!



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