26 Tips for Getting Organised

1. Have a separate email address for all those websites and stores that like to send you marketing.

2. Change your settings so that you save to a specific file when you download something.

3. Do a little of your finances weekly

4. Schedule your social media posts

5. Plan your week on a Friday or Sunday night

6. Do regular tasks on the same day every week

7. Prioritise the 3 things you must do each week

8. Be realistic with your time

9. Clear the clutter on your desktop

10. Be ruthless with your inbox and delete the files you no longer need and file the ones you have to keep.

11. Start at the end of your inbox (the older emails are easier to delete!)

12. Delete your emails in bulk. Sort alphabetically, unsubscribe if you need to and delete all those from the same address that you no longer need.

13. Put your finances in a system (whether that’s an accounts package or a simple spreadsheet)

14. Use one notepad or book rather than numerous different ones.

15. Sub-divide the one notebook to find information quicker

16. Sort that pile of paper by dividing it into broad categories (i.e. home and work) and then sub-divide to make smaller piles. You can then work through them one at a time scanning, filing or shredding as you go.

17. Create some standard processes for your business and write them down.

18. Sort the files on your computer one at a time.

19. Sort your computer files on a regular basis. Little and often is best.

20. Try to designate a specific area of the house to your business (if you work at home) . That way you’ll have everything to hand when you need it.

21. Tidy your workspace and remove the clutter

22. Choose one type of calendar and diary and stick with it.

23. Use a system to organise your client information. It could be a CRM or just a spreadsheet.

24. Label your computer files accurately and make them obvious.

25. Move as much paperwork online as you can.

26. Don’t try to organise everything in one go! You’ll get bored and frustrated. Do a little every day.

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