Delegation: Letting Go!

Sometimes people can see the benefits of delegation quite clearly but have no idea where to start or, more simply, are afraid to.

Because, let’s face it, delegating can be scary. It means letting someone into your business; this thing that you’ve grown and put your heart and soul into. It means potentially letting someone else represent the brand and name that you’ve worked so hard to build and that’s not an easy thing to do.

And any self-respecting VA will know and appreciate that and work with you to build the relationship. Personally, I start slowly with my clients, especially the ones that want to work with me on an ongoing basis. Because you need to trust me and, unless you know me well already, that will take time. So I usually start with back-office work; organisation, data collation, report writing, filing etc and then move on after time to more client facing work.

One of my clients started working with me last year and all I did was schedule Zoom calls and send out the details. A couple of months ago we wrote out her client processes so that they were consistent and now I’m talking to her clients; sending out information and replying to emails and phone calls. So don’t imagine that delegating means handing over everything at once. Sometimes it is beneficial to start slowly and build from there. The main thing is you take the first step!

But what if you don’t know what that first step is? You know you need help but have no idea what areas of your business to delegate or exactly how someone like me could help you? The answer is simply to ask. I am always open to sitting down and talking about which tasks to delegate or how I could help you. And sometimes I can’t. Sometimes you will need a social media consultant or an accountant but there is usually someone out there that you can delegate your tasks to that will free up your time.

All you have to do is take that step and ask!

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