Exhilarating and daunting – why I do what I do!


For me, taking on a new client is exhilarating and daunting all at the same time.

Creating individual systems means no client’s specifications are ever the same. While I am excited by getting to know a new business and all that that business requires, I am also a little daunted by the prospect of being able to create exactly what that client needs: working out how to fulfil their requirements in the most streamlined way; putting my knowledge of Excel to the test and delivering what can give the most value.

I recently took on a new client that hires out a large house in the north of England and was tasked with creating a system that would put all of her guest information in one place. Including:

  • A single input sheet with all of her client details on
  • An enquiries tracker
  • A schedule for her to work from when a new booking was made,
  • 2 separate schedules for different people she has working for her
  • The all important management information that would give her a clearer picture of what was going on in her business.

All of which could be populated from a single sheet of information. Meaning she only has to input the information once to create all of the above.

I loved that first meeting. Getting to know her business and her precise requirements and knowing that I can make running her business more effortless.

But, as with all new systems, there are plenty of things for me to learn too and that’s another part of my work that I thoroughly enjoy. My belief  in what is possible is not always matched by my knowledge of how to do it. In this case, I have been challenged two or three times and have loved working out and finding the solution. But I suppose, to me, that is half of the fun!

My work is not a one way process. In creating systems I expand my knowledge and what is possible too.

My first draft has been submitted (there is always more than one draft – there are always tweaks to be made!)  and I am satisfied that what I have created will add real value to her business. The satisfaction is not just in knowing that I will create something useful for someone else but also that I have learnt and grown in the process.

I suppose that’s why I love what I do!


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