My step by step guide to effortlessly running your business this Christmas

Planning your business activities is important at any time of the year. But during the Christmas season it is vital. With so many other things to arrange and plan and do, if you’re not careful, your business can get over-looked altogether! However, with a little forward thinking you can keep it running, achieve what you need to and enjoy the Christmas festivities too.

Here is my step by guide on how to ensure your business runs as effortlessly as possible this year:

  1. Write your to-do list. Use two columns; one for business and one for main personal events such as holidays or trips to Santa. Include as much as you can. It may seem daunting at first but getting it all out of your head and on to paper will actually stop you feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Prioritise your business list. Make sure you put the actions that are the most valuable to your business at the top of your list. Try to include at least one action from every area (marketing, business development, admin etc) so that nothing gets forgotten over the Christmas period.
  3. Use a weekly planner. Use one that is broken down by time. You have more chance of getting things done if you say ‘I’m going to do my accounts at 10am on Tuesday’ than if you say @I’m going to do my accounts on Tuesday’.
  4. Block out your ‘you’ time. Make sure you put all of those fun Christmas activities in to your weekly planner (Panto, family descending!). It will give you a realistic picture of how much time you have to work.
  5. Block out your work time. Make time in your planner to assign to work. Even if it’s just an hour a day, Block that time out and commit to working on your business then.
  6. Assign your to-dos. Enter your prioritised tasks in to specific blocks of time. Knowing what you’re about to do when you sit down to work will increase your efficiency and help you get more done in the little time that you have.
  7. Be flexible. Life can often get in the way of a good plan (especially at Christmas!) so don’t get despondent or throw the plan away if/when something unexpected happens. Just work with it and adjust your plan accordingly.

Remember, a plan is a blue-print to getting the most done in the time you have. So plan well, achieve your goals and have a fantastic Christmas!





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