Summer’s over: how to put the wheels back on your business


So, the summer holidays are over; children are back at school and you can finally get focused on getting back to work. Unfortunately sometimes it’s not that simple. Whether you’ve taken the 6 weeks off entirely or tried to keep going and juggle work and family-life, the chances are you’ve done less work and been less focused than normal.

And even if you don’t have children, getting back to work after a 2 week break can feel like hard work in itself.

While we look forward to getting back to our routines, the truth is that sometimes we struggle to find the motivation to get started again or feel simply overwhelmed by the amount things now on our to do lists!

So where should we start?

  • If you’re feeling de-motivated then the best thing to do is to start small. It doesn’t matter what you start with as long as you start something. Personally I’ve just spent the last week making sure I’ve fully de-cluttered and ordered my files and paperwork. I now feel more organised than ever and am raring to go. Don’t waste time over-thinking things just get started on something that doesn’t feel like a major task and you’ll find the motivation and drive to do more will return.

Alternatively you may have the drive to get going again but not know where to start. With so much left undone over the summer looking at that to-do list can feel overwhelming and almost paralysing. Rather than jumping straight in to the first thing on your list this is a great time to take a moment and evaluate where you are and where you want to go in the next couple of months.

So if you’re struggling to know where to start you could:

  • Take stock of where your business is and where you’d like it to be at the end of the year
  • Set or re-evaluate specific goals or targets
  • Set a plan to get you there

Once you have those targets set and the plan formulated your priorities and what you need to do first will become much clearer. You can move forward with structure and purpose rather than getting back on the hamster wheel.

While the sunshine continues to linger for most of us the summer holidays and the balancing act that it creates are over for another year. Getting the wheels back on our businesses after that can be tough but by just getting started and planning our next steps carefully we can be up and running in no time.


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