Why it’s never ‘just admin’

Admin: the boring stuff; the thing continually on the bottom of your to-do list; the thing you’ll do later or ‘when you have time’ or after you’ve focused on your sales calls/marketing/clients/networking or anything else that you believe can grow your business.

The implication being that your administration is not an important part of your business. That ‘it can wait’.

But it can’t. Or at least it shouldn’t. Because I believe that if you don’t have your admin under control almost every other area of your business will suffer. Here are a few reasons why:

  • If you don’t create, send and monitor payment of your invoices then you won’t get paid and all of that marketing, sales and networking will have been for very little (unless you want to work for free that is!)
  • If you scribble names of a contact or lead or any other important information down on a random piece of paper you will, more often than not, lose that piece of paper, the information on it and potentially a new client or prospect. And even if you don’t lose it you will probably end up wasting valuable time searching for it.
  • Being unable to find information that someone has asked for (because your systems are dis-organised) can lead to you looking unprofessional and inefficient.
  • Having incomplete client records or ones that are scattered in various places can leave you looking red-faced if you end up asking for the same thing twice or even three times! Or you need to check something and the information just isn’t there (especially in businesses that hold sensitive client data)
  • And possibly the biggest one: your finances and the tax return! How much of an impact would having to focus on your tax return for most of January have on your business? How many potential sales calls, networking or client meetings, product parties or fairs or  marketing pieces would be affected or missed entirely because you now had no choice but to focus on gathering and sorting your financial information? How much business would be lost because it wasn’t done every month?

It may not be sexy or fun (to most people at least!) but having your administration under control should be part of the foundations of your business because it directly impacts all areas of it.

Not to mention the impact dis-organisation can have on your personal and mental health.

Being dis-organised and a little chaotic can leave you feeling overwhelmed. You can feel frustrated when you can’t find something; panic when you’ve lost something you desperately need; stressed and anxious about whether or not you’ve sent all of your invoices and when or if they’ve been paid.

Plus the piles of paper that clutter up your space can make you feel untidy and are a physical reminder of your ever increasing to-do list.

All of those feelings can be alleviated if your admin is dealt with efficiently.

In order to make your business run at its optimum level you need streamlined, effective systems and structure. Having organised administration will go a long way to giving you exactly that.

So please don’t push your admin to the bottom of the pile. Don’t think of it as ‘just admin’; think of it as an important tool to help make your business a success.





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