Why repetition is good for you and your business

One of the reasons I hear frequently for not doing business administration is that there are so many more important things to do: client work, Facebook posts, meetings etc. However, at the end of the day your administration is just as important as any other areas of your business. They are all vital to your success. That’s why setting the same time aside every week to cover each area of your business is so important. My weekly planner is colour coded into business areas so that I make sure I don’t neglect any of them. I also put them at the same time every week for exactly the same reason.

Here are just a few benefits to be gained:

  • You know your weekly schedule like the back of your hand.
  • It gives you confidence that you are working on your business as a whole.
  • You get a sense of satisfaction knowing that you’ve made progress in each area every week.
  • It will stop you feeling overwhelmed. Because when you leave out an area continually (possibly the one you’re not overly keen on!) you end up putting off working on it altogether as there is so much to do. In fact even starting on it can seem daunting (which is why a lot of people dread the run up to the tax deadline when they have to trawl through a year’s worth of receipts and invoices!)

Running a business is like a jigsaw and each area of your business is a piece in that puzzle. It won’t function effectively if a piece is missing or only halfway in. So making sure you cover it all every week is vital to your success. Plus knowing that you are working on the same thing, at the same time every week will result in it becoming a habit. And once it’s that, running your business becomes a little more effortless.



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