Why two heads are better than one.

Why is it that most people can see solutions to our problems when we feel overwhelmed most of the time? How many times has someone made a suggestion or told you how to do something and you’ve thought ‘oh that’s so simple, why didn’t I think of that? ‘

The answer is fairly simple really. When we are so engrossed in something it’s difficult to see the solution with any great clarity. Ever heard the saying ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’? well that’s what happens. We are so involved with our businesses and the tiny details, that sometimes we find it difficult to see the bigger picture or identify the 1 or 2 ways that would make a difference to our problem.

Now, in our personal lives, sharing a problem and asking for advice from our friends seems obvious. But somehow, when it comes to business, we feel as if it’s in some way a weakness to ask for help. Yet it has so many benefits. It can:

  • Help put your issue into perspective. Sometimes when we keep things in our heads and to ourselves they appear much more insurmountable than they actually are.
  • Save you time and money (especially if the help you’re asking for involves outsourcing)
  • Resolve your issue and move you forward. Ultimately making you less stressed and less overwhelmed

Yet still we hesitate to reach out.¬†Especially for issues we feel we ‘should’ know the answer to or ‘should’ be capable of doing on our own.

I see this a lot in my business. I always feel as if I’m like the cleaner whose clients have to clean before they arrive. People feel embarrassed to open up their administration or systems to me because they’re ‘not organised’ enough! Well, that’s the point of what I do.

If a potential client was super-organised then they wouldn’t need me. Plus it’s okay for people not to have things in order. Each of us has their own skill-set and strengths and mine just happens to be organisation. For other people it’s accounts or being creative.

Other people can see our issues and find solutions for our problems with greater clarity than we can. Mainly because they are not personally invested or emotionally involved in our businesses. It may seem as if the answers were obvious all along but only to those that have the distance to see them clearly and the experience to find the answers.

That’s why asking for help is so important in business. Even if you think the issue is trivial. If it’s affecting your productivity or stopping you from moving forward then maybe it’s time to share the problem and get it out of the way once and for all.

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