Newsletter October 2017

Hi, I hope you’ve had a busy and successful month (actually it’s been a couple – where did the summer go?!)!

This month I thought I’d let you in on some quick and simple ways to take the stress out of organising your files.

I know it can be soul destroying to have spent an hour diligently going through your files in Dropbox or documents only to find you still have more to do or that it looks as messy and dis-organised as when you started!

So here a few ways to make the process easier and less stressful:

  • Start big and get small. Group your files/emails under broad categories first: Clients, Photos, Finance, Marketing, Personal etc. You’ll see white space immediately know you’ve achieved something and be encouraged to continue.
  • Then you can work through each category separately. Sub-divide the documents into more specific criteria: invoices, individual clients, marketing photos, social media templates etc
  • Once you’ve ordered your files you can then go through them and audit them one file at a time. Delete what you really don’t need or eliminate duplicates so that the information you hold is relevant and easy to find.
  • If you really find it difficult to delete files that you think you may want (sometime in the future…maybe!) then you can create an ‘Old Files’ folder for those (although you may find that you never actually use it and if this is the case you can delete the whole file later on).

It’s much easier to continue the process of organising your files if you clear the visual clutter first.

So start big and get smaller.

It’s also much more achievable in your mind if you say you’re going to go through a folder that contains 20 files rather than a documents folder where the files seem never-ending!

Breaking it down will enhance your chances of success and encourage you to continue.

I hope that’s been helpful.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you save time, increase your profit and make running your business more effortless then please contact me here:

Best wishes


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