How to beat the overwhelm and get organised


Running your own business can be overwhelming. You have to be all things – especially at the start: marketing expert, accountant, social media expert, administrator and more. All jobs that each have their own skill set and knowledge base. And that’s not including what your business actually does! It can seem like there are a million and one things to do and not very much time to do them in. The last thing on your mind is making sure you are organised!

The trouble is that most people just ‘get started’ and do things ‘for’ their business as they go along: getting things done as they turn up and reacting to situations in the moment. Unfortunately, this way of working isn’t effective in the long term.

As your business develops, all those balls in the air become heavier and things start being ‘left’ in order to focus on client facing activities. You leave the receipts in the box untouched; your mileage gets totted up every couple of months when you can remember; you buy stock or office supplies and forget to keep a record of it anywhere. Is it any wonder that you end up panicking when the January 31st deadline starts looming? (and the same can be said for your Client details or marketing strategy!)

So what should you do?
Get organised (preferably before it gets chaotic!) Get some structure so that your business is built on solid foundations. I’m not suggesting you spend lots of money on complicated administration systems but having your information structured, comprehensive and easily accessible will save you from unnecessary stress and overwhelm and will give you valuable time to work on what you love doing best.

Why have a system?
– Gives you time
– Gives you confidence
– Gives you control
– Stops you feeling overwhelmed

Once you have systems in place, once you are organised, you have MORE TIME to do the things you love in your business; more time to focus on really growing your Client base. In business we all want more time; more time to focus on what we love doing; more time to get things done. Having a system gives you more time. It eradicates the hours spent looking for that piece of information or trying to remember what did or didn’t work for you. Having a system gives you the time to focus on your goals because everything is there for you, at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Once you have a system you feel MORE CONFIDENT that you know exactly how your business is doing, where it is going and how you are going to get there. It gives you the confidence to go to the meeting with your accountant knowing that all of your figures are there and that you understand them! You haven’t spent the preceding month focused entirely on your accounts; trying to work out what you spent 9 months ago and where that receipt for the office equipment is! It’s very empowering for any business owner to have a system that allows them to understand their figures in a simple way so they do not get over-whelmed by financial reviews.

Once you have system you feel IN CONTROL of your business, your time and your progress. Knowing which parts of your business are working and how; how much money you are making and who your ideal clients are give you a clear picture and show you where you should be investing your time, money and effort. Having control over your business will help you plan: plan your goals; your growth; where you are going and how you are going to get there.

Ultimately all of these things will stop you feeling OVERWHELMED. You stop feeling like a deer caught in headlights and start seeing your business and its future clearly. Having systems in your business gives you time, confidence and control. Things which will increase your levels of productivity, your success and ultimately your profit.

And yes, systems may not be the number one thing on your Christmas list but they aren’t just a bundle of dull spreadsheets created for the control freaks among us! They are essential tools for making your business a success and allowing you to focus on your passion and doing the things you love. Let the systems hold the back-office together while you work on growing your business.

So how do you find a system that works for you? There are plenty of packages on the market that that will organise this, that and the other for you but I find the simplest option is usually the best and a system in Excel  works brilliantly.

Alternatively, if you are too busy and overwhelmed to create something yourself then why not get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you feel calm, confident and in control of your business.

calm, confident & in control

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2 comments on “How to beat the overwhelm and get organised

  1. Olivia Parry on

    What you say rings true. I’d much rather focus on my clients, helping them achieve true transformation and better health by losing weight without deprivation… but having a tidy filing system for business receipts, and doing a job as soon as it needs doing rather than dedicating a day to the boring stuff makes it more manageable. Who wants to dread a day like that anyway! Having systems set up – preferably automated ones for things like invoicing and email marketing makes life much easier. It’s great there’s a person out there like you who loves organising other people’s business admin.


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