Does where you put your information really matter?

Today we have so many ways to record information; on our phones, laptops, tablets, notebooks, post-it notes etc. It is now relatively simple to record a piece of information whenever we need to. So much so that we tend to just grab the nearest thing to hand when we need to ‘write something down’. However, having a variety of ways to record information can create major problems.

The trouble is if the information we hold is stored in multiple places how do we ever find what we’re looking for? We get frustrated when hours are lost or wasted because we’re searching for that piece of information that we know is ‘somewhere’. We duplicate tasks and processes because we forget where we’ve stored them or simply forget that we’ve created it in the first place.

The problem with having so many receptacles for information is that we lose the structure and order that we need to make our businesses run efficiently.

And if we don’t have that, we end up overwhelmed, feel out of control and never have enough time.
So what’s the answer?

To have a structured and organised system we need to have all of our information in one place. Whether that’s in your computer or on paper (but your computer is preferable) you need to store and organise your information in one location.

Having it in one place means you can find what you need quickly and easily.

You don’t waste time searching for things or duplicating processes

And, if you store your information in a computer system, you can analyse what’s going on in your business. See the trends and insights that show you what’s working and what’s not.

While it may be quick and simple to write what you need in the closest thing to hand, doing it that way will ultimately slow you down and leave you feeling frustrated and disorganised. So if you want to get the most out of your time get your information together in one place so that it starts working for you and not against you.

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