Have you vowed to get organised this year?


I always think that making a new year’s resolution to get organised is a bit like vowing to get fit: you have all these good intentions and start with great enthusiasm but ultimately get bored after a few attempts and give up entirely after a few weeks because it all seems a bit too much like hard work!

But it really doesn’t have to be like that. With a few tweaks and changes in habit you can see the results you want and feel the effects of your hard work way beyond the end of January. So if you have decided to get yourself organised in 2020 (always a good idea in my opinion!) then here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Take it slowly. if you attempt to get your files/emails etc organised in one day you’ll get bored, frustrated, lose heart and never want to go back! So take your time. Allocate a specific amount of time each day/week to sorting things out and stick to it. It will keep you motivated and encourage you to continue (plus you will eventually turn it into a habit which can only be a good thing).
  • If you’re sorting through your piles of paperwork or attempting to organise your computer files then sort them into broad categories first and then break them down into more specific categories. This will enable you to tackle each group one at a time (and see some improvement!) rather than trying to deal with everything at once.
  • Get some systems in place. Whether it’s a CRM; accounts package or a simple Excel spreadsheet having your details in one place will save you having to hunt around for specific information when you need it.
  • Create some simple processes for your business. Save yourself time and memory space by streamlining and writing down how you run your business. It will stop you repeating things, wasting time and give you consistency.
  • Write yourself a weekly plan. Get it all out of your head; prioritise your to-do list and allocate the top 3 to specific times during the week. It will keep you focused and organised.
  • Make it personal. However you choose to organise your files, paperwork, client details, plans etc make sure it’s in a way that works for you. If you don’t, you won’t follow through or use the systems you’ve set in place. Which will be a complete waste of your time and leave you as dis-organised as before!

Getting yourself organised in 2020 is a great goal to have. However, getting organised is not just about sorting through your piles of paper or over-flowing inboxes. More than anything it’s about giving yourself structure so you can stay focused and on top of things on an ongoing basis. Otherwise you could find it back on your list next year too!

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