How to get the Maximum Value from your Client Information


A while ago I carried out a survey on gathering and recording client information and I thought I’d share just a few of the results with you.

The response I got showed that over 55% of people don’t record their client details electronically, in fact over 40% are kept in paper files and 5% don’t record them at all!

This means that there is so much information out there that has been collected but is lying dormant in lever-arch files (or in notebooks) and is not being used to its full potential!

Putting your information onto a system can give you so many benefits. Including:

  • Saving you time when you’re looking for that specific piece of information.
  • Feeling in control because your business is organised and streamlined
  • And most importantly it enables you to analyse that information to give you valuable insights into the trends in your business.

Being able to analyse the information you hold can help you focus on what’s working for you and also enables you to see the areas which you may need to tweak or simply get rid of in order to be effective.

Here are just a few ways in which analysing your client information can give you greater clarity and focus:

  • It can tell you who are your current clients are; where they live; how old they are; whether they are predominantly male or female etc. By studying the demographics of your clients you can look for similarities which will help focus your marketing and make it more effective.
  • It can show you who your most frequent customers are. Can you create incentives for those who are loyal to you?
  • You can also see how often you gain new clients and when.  Are there peaks and troughs in your business that will help you plan ahead?

These are just a few ways in which you can utilise your information so that it starts working for you. But you can only do this if it’s collected, organised and then analysed. Otherwise it’s just paperwork gathering dust and taking up space! So please, take the time to put your information into a system and start to make running your business a little more effortless.

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