Keeping it simple


When you have a thousand things going on at once and everything feels chaotic getting yourself organised can appear almost impossible. But it isn’t as difficult as it seems. In fact the best way to be organised, I’ve found, is just to keep things simple.

Here are my top 3 tips on how to keep things as simple and as organised as possible:

  • Have one maybe two calendars at the most. You don’t need a wall calendar and a phone calendar and a paper diary and an online calendar etc etc. It will ultimately lead to confusion and you’ll either waste time inputting the same information into each of them, or, most likely, you’ll put some things in one and not in the other which will defeat the purpose of using a calendar in the first place. I prefer one on the wall (that I can see at all times) and one on my phone so I have a record of my appointments when I’m out and about. But which ones you choose is entirely down to you and what works for you.
  • Keep all of your notes in one notebook. If you have a client notebook and a marketing notebook and an ideas notebook then you’ll be forever running around trying to find the right one. Chances are you’ll end up writing something in the ‘wrong’ one and you’ll never be able to find the information again. If you put them all in one notebook then your notes are always in one place (I have one that is divided down into sections to give me a little more structure). Whenever you need to find a specific piece of information you know exactly where to look. It will save you a lot of time! And you only have to carry one around with you.
  • Put all of your information in one place. Your finances, client information, marketing, should all be together in one place. Ideally it should be in a system on your computer.  It’s much simpler to keep track of the trends and patterns in your business if your information is stored electronically. Even if you prefer a paper system the information should be stored together so that it’s easy to find.

If you have your information all over the place you’ll waste valuable time searching for what you need. So keep things simple, cut down on different versions of the same thing and store all of your information in one place. You’ll be organised in no time!



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