You wouldn’t move house without labeling your boxes…

No systems

So why would you run your business with no systems?

Imagine, you’ve packed all of your belongings and moved house. When you get there you want that all important cup of tea/coffee etc but you have no idea which box you’ve put the kettle or the tea in. So you either spend hours opening every box until you find the correct one or get fed up, say you’ll find it later and go to the coffee shop down the road (which still won’t save you time because at some point you’ll have to go back and look for the kettle again anyway!). How much easier would it have been if you had just labelled the boxes in the first place!

Running your business without a system is practically the same thing. You can waste hours looking for a specific piece of information that you ‘know is somewhere’, a rogue receipt or an invoice that needs paying or search frantically for the information you need that you thought was in a specific place. It would be so much more time efficient if all of your information was stored in an organised and easily accessible system. Labelled from the start! Just imagine how much time you would save if you didn’t have to waste time this way ever again!

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