Post-it notes: Don’t get me started!

Last Monday was ‘Clean up your desk’ day and it got me thinking (well it got me ranting actually!). Post-it notes. Maybe it’s like Marmite but personally I think they’re terrible things.

For a start they don’t work because they don’t stick, they just don’t! They lose their stickiness, fall off whatever you put them on and get lost.

Secondly they make anywhere you put them look messy and disorganised. Like dots of tiny multi-coloured voices screaming information at you all at once, vying for your attention. How are you supposed to focus on your work when you’re surrounded by those things?!

If you’re recording a piece of information so important that you’re actually going to write it down rather than try to remember it why would you put it on a small piece of paper and attach to it a surface where, in all likelihood, it will simply fall, get knocked or float off and fall to the floor?

Why would you take the chance?

If your information is valuable (and if it’s not why are you storing it anyway?!), then record it somewhere you won’t lose it. Ideally in a system where it can be easily retrieved when you need it and easily analysed to add value to your business.

Dates and reminders should be entered into diaries (and if you use your phone you can set them to give you loud beeping noise reminders too!), client details should be somewhere ordered and easily accessible and your finances in a structured system so that have a clear understanding of where you are.

Nowadays we are bombarded with such a wealth of information that sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Having the information that’s important to you in a structured, easily accessible system gives you confidence that you won’t miss or forget anything. A far better option than playing russian roulette with bits of sticky-back paper (but maybe that’s just me!!) 🙂


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