Time for a spring clean!


Did you know that this Wednesday, the 20th of March, is officially the first day of spring?

And while we all look forward to longer days and warmer weather some of us might even be inclined to start clearing out the cupboards and washing those windows as part of the annual spring clean.

But while you’re busy freshening up your home you may also want to spare a thought for all of your business information and general admin!

Now is a great time to get those lever arch files under control (or preferably in the recycling!) and the receipts in that accounts system. It is amazing how much a de-cluttered work space or filing system can make you feel mentally more clearer and focused too.

So here are my top tips for spring cleaning your systems and business information this week (and into the future!):

  • Tidy your work space. File anything you must keep, recycle the rest and put pens/pencils and other clutter away.
  • Get rid of┬áthose lever arch files and put your information onto an online system. It will ultimately save you time on a day to day basis and free you from extra clutter (and the dust those files collect ­čÖé )
  • Go through your notebooks and recycle any of the old ones that you no longer use (put any important information onto your computer)
  • Do a quick audit of your on-line systems and make sure all of the information is up-to-date:
    • Check┬áthe information you hold on your clients is accurate and your last comments/next actions are up-to-date
    • Input your receipts and make sure your accounts are generally in order
    • Ensure your marketing and any other trackers you use hold current information
    • Have a quick check through your on-line notes system and calendar to ensure all the details are relevant and correct.

Once you’ve spring cleaned and got yourself organised, staying that way is relatively simple! Just like a freshly cleaned house, a clutter free business is a great place to work.

So, take some time out from working IN your business this week and work ON it instead. I guarantee you’ll feel more productive after you do!





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