Top 5 ways to get organised


Being organised is not as difficult as you may think. If you just tweak a few of your daily or weekly habits you can save yourself valuable time and put yourself back in control. Here are my top 5 ways to get (and stay) organised.

  1. Make a weekly plan. Preferably on a Sunday so you don’t waste any time on a Monday morning. Having a plan helps you focus your mind and your energy on what you need to get done. You can see in black and white what you plan to do and when you’re going to do it. It’s also rather satisfying when you get to tick off the things you accomplish.
  2. Block out some admin time. Make sure you set aside some time in your plan to do some basic administration every week. Even if it’s just for half an hour. Entering finances, filing receipts or imputing client details; these are the kind of things that get left to ‘do later’. Doing it later usually means it ends up in a big pile at the back of your desk and becomes a monumental task at some future point (usually just before tax return time!). Doing a little every week will keep you on top of that pile!
  3. Write your notes in 1 notebook instead of 3 or 4 (and certainly not on bits of paper you may lose!). It makes information so much easier and quicker to find if it’s all in one place. You may feel like having a different notebook for each area of your business (clients, orders, networking etc) but I’ve found that when I’ve tried this in the past I’ve never got the ‘correct’ notebook with me and so whatever I’ve wanted to note down has gone in the nearest one anyway (it’s also not very practical to carry 3 or 4 notebooks with you at a time!!)
  4. Schedule your social media posts in advance. On the occasions that I fail to do this I can really feel the difference it makes to my productivity. When I sit down and plan my posts at least a week in advance I get back so much time in my working week. If I don’t do it I can spend hours just thinking about what to write let alone actually writing them. Writing and scheduling in advance takes the pressure off and will make you much more efficient and productive. It will also ensure that a major part of your advertising/marketing/networking for the week is completed in one fail swoop!
  5. Create simple trackers to record and monitor your finances and client details. Putting your facts and figures in a basic system makes your information clear, structured and instantly accessible. You’re also more likely to review and analyse them if they are on your computer than if they are stuck in dusty lever arch files that you never look at! It also reduces that ever increasing pile of paper at the back of your desk or shoved in your drawer!!

Getting organised is really just about planning and keeping things simple. The more you can plan and streamline your business the more organised and in control you will feel.

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