Owl by name and owl by nature (and why that’s okay!)

night owl

I read a really interesting article the other day about how things that we have been told aren’t productive can actually be just that.

For example the idea that you have to get up early in the morning and go to bed at a reasonable hour to get things done. I am most definitely a night owl. In fact most of my creative work gets done between 10pm and 1 am in the morning. I’ve tried to follow the rules and get up early but I just can’t seem to get myself working until later in the day. And for ages I’ve felt guilty about that. That I wasn’t achieving the best I could because I felt most comfortable working at night.

It’s not that I don’t ‘get things done’ during the day. A lot of my client work and work around the house gets done during these hours but I feel the most relaxed and creative late at night and I’ve always been that way. My university papers were usually written faster at night (even if I started them earlier!!).

But that article made me think again. We all work at different times and if we are truly ‘doing our best’ then we need to work with ourselves not against us. I am a great believer in structure and plans (obviously!) but that doesn’t mean we all have to work to the same one. My day is structured so that I get the best out of me and that’s what I believe everyone should do.

You need to plan. If you plan you set your goals out for the hour, day, week, month etc; you have focus and a sense of control over your life and your business but my plan may not (and probably won’t be) the same as your’s.

So I am comfortable with the way I work best. I am an owl by nature as well as name and that brings the best out in me. Plan your days to suit you: the way that makes you the most productive you can be, and you will indeed be ‘doing your best’.

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One comment on “Owl by name and owl by nature (and why that’s okay!)

  1. Linda Hopkins on

    Love this! I’m so with you, reading this at 01:05 🙂 Shame night owl doesn’t go so well with small children and a 9-5 part time job!


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