3 Steps to Surviving the Easter Holidays

While our children look forward to a rest from school and the prospect of chocolate at the end of it those of us that run our own business may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of juggling time with our children AND continuing to work.

But with a little pre-planning and organisation you can enjoy your family time and keep working too.

Here are my 3 steps to surviving the Easter holidays:

Plan your time now

Before the holidays begin in earnest plan the times you can work and the times that you can focus on your children. If you break the time down in advance you can enjoy your family time knowing that your work will get done. It will also help you focus when it’s time to concentrate on your business. Break it down into chunks of time if you can and stick to it as much as possible.


You definitely won’t have as much time as normal to work on your business so don’t try to get everything done. Choose the 3 most important and valuable things that you need to do over the next 2 weeks and focus on those. You’ll feel a much greater sense of achievement if you complete these 3 things than if you are left with 10 tasks that are half done.

If all else fails: focus on your administration

If young children (or even older ones!) mean that you find it impossible to hold client calls, run classes or create your products over the holidays then use this time to get your administration in order. Gather your receipts in one place; update your systems (or create them!); go through your emails or simply clear that pile of paperwork that’s been collecting dust on your desk for months. Getting yourself organised will streamline your business and make sure you start the new term ready to go.

Remember, you probably won’t get as much done as normal but if you plan in advance, prioritise and use that time effectively you can enjoy the time with your children and run your business too.

Have a great Easter! x

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