5 Ways to Plan Your Week Efficiently

5 Ways to Plan Your Week Efficiently
  1. Write it down. Use a planner that’s divided into days and hours so you can designate tasks to specific times. It’s much easier to allocate time if you can see the whole week in front of you.
  2. Include your regular activities as well as your business ones. You’ll get a much clearer picture of the time you have available if you include everything.
  3. Block out the largest sections of time you can. You will increase your productivity and achieve more if you focus for a substantial, uninterrupted period.
  4. Break down your major tasks into manageable pieces. The big things don’t look quite as daunting if you take them one step at a time (and you won’t keep putting them off!)
  5. Prioritise your actions. Focus on the activities that will add the most value to your business and allocate time to do these first.
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